Senior DevOps Engineer

Leadpages (Drip Product)

Job Description

Join Drip as we build awesome SaaS products that positively impact tens of thousands of passionate eCommerce businesses around the globe.

Drip is the world’s first ECRM: an E-commerce CRM designed for digital marketers who want to build personal and profitable relationships with their customers at scale. E-commerce marketers around the world are starting to see their customers in full color with Drip features like comprehensive tracking, hyper-segmentation, and robust email marketing automation. They’re graduating from typical email platforms, bloated CRMs, or overhyped marketing automation tools, and becoming more successful with Drip.

Are you interested in contributing to a focused, high-talent, passionate team? Are you driven by creating innovative products that change the way businesses grow and the way email works? Then join us at Drip!

Position Overview

As a Senior DevOps Engineer on the Drip team, you'll work with a dynamic team to help build out and manage our cloud infrastructure and deployment pipelines. You’ll partner with the product team to build and support tooling - specializing in centralized logging, monitoring and alerting. You will also develop a strong familiarity with all aspects of our overall architecture, including JavaScript front-ends, Ruby on Rails backends, a PostgreSQL data store, and API microservices. There’s nothing boring about this position!

Some of your individual contributions will include:

  • Helping manage our virtualized cloud infrastructure in AWS. We run Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Redis on VMs in EC2. Familiarity with this stack would be amazing
  • Migrating scale-sensitive workloads to AWS managed services (DynamoDB, Kinesis, etc). We send well over 100M (and growing!) emails per month
  • Automating application deployment, infrastructure provisioning, and elastic scaling with CodeDeploy, CircleCI, Ansible, and Terraform. Again, if you have hands-on experience with these tools or something similar, this could be your jam!
  • Thinking laterally and collaborating with other teams to work through tough challenges that pop up along the way
  • Pushing back and voicing your opinion if you think differently from the rest of the team. Yep, we truly value you and your opinion and we want to hear it
  • Working in the fast-paced, lean startup environment that is Drip! And, knowing what it means to ship early and often
  • Watching what you’ve made help your teammates create awesome value for our customers. That's what this is all about!

We place a high preference on Rails Developers who have:

  • Experience with building and scaling complex application systems
  • A background in scripted provisioning/configuration management tools (think Bash, Ansible, Capistrano, Terraform, and similar)
  • Building release pipelines using CI/CD tooling (we use Circle CI)
  • A deep understanding of PostgreSQL (even at the level of a DBA) is a huge bonus
  • Experience with open source monitoring and logging, such as Prometheus, Grafana, and ElasticSearch
  • A solid understanding of Unix-like operating systems, Ubuntu/Debian in particular
  • Proven software development ability (huge plus if it's Ruby but any programming language would be cool); digging into source code is second-nature to you
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to clearly communicate with both technical and non-technical team members

Who you are:

In addition to the above, you...

  • Know that DevOps is a culture and a mindset, not a team or a role
  • Are a tech and tooling enthusiast; you love staying up-to-date with the latest solutions for deploying and managing cloud infrastructure
  • Build beautifully bulletproof systems that others can depend on, but you also dabble with prototypes and experimental solutions
  • Love improving the intelligence of various systems and environments through the implementation of sturdy and searchable monitoring and centralized logging
  • Always look for new things to learn and new ways to leverage your knowledge. You take great pride in being a Subject Matter Expert that people can trust
  • Have a passion for collaborating with software development teams and working toward the best solution to customer/business needs. You automate everything! Literally. And, you rarely (if ever) manually fix the same problem twice.

Who we are:

Drip+Leadpages was thrilled to make #297 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list (we were #3 in Minnesota) and to be named a Star Tribune Top Workplace for the past three years in a row! To learn more about the teams that have helped us achieve these honors, we invite you to visit our Instagram, Facebook and About pages.

Drip is a small SaaS product team inside Leadpages, working on a separate marketing automation application that is aptly named Drip. We are a mission-driven team that's a haven for growing and expanding your technical chops. We spend a lot of time making Drip look gorgeous both inside and out, placing a high emphasis on code quality, test coverage, and UI/UX. Working with us gives you the ability to work for a high-energy, rapidly-evolving startup, but with all of the stability and perks of a well-funded parent company (health insurance/benefits package, stock options, 401k, etc.).

We consider working for a successful early-stage tech company to be a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. You will work hard and face exciting challenges, but our positions come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. If you bring your best self to the table, here’s what we’ll bring in return:

  • Competitive pay, benefits, and equity.
  • A flexible schedule and opportunities to work from home.
  • A gorgeous, bright office, conveniently located in Downtown Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood.
  • A fully-stocked snack bar and drink fridge to keep you fueled.
  • Relocation reimbursement, as needed. Please note: residence in or relocation to Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN is our one non-negotiable.
  • The chance to learn from some of the best people in the business, including our fiercely compassionate leadership team.
  • Career development isn’t just idle chit-chat but a tangible outcome of our robust People & Culture function.
  • Challenging and meaningful problems to solve - you will invariably make a difference and impact.
  • A vibrant and devoted team, who still finds time for fun.
  • Finally, no politics and no jerks.

At Drip+Leadpages, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individuality and honor their unique strengths. We believe that embracing the diversity of thought and perspective encourages collaboration that leads to product (and people!) innovation, diverse products and a successful business. If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you!


Job Location

Minneapolis, MN

Office Locations

251 1st Ave. North, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN