Senior Ruby on Rails Developer


Job Description

We promise you haven’t worked with anyone like us before. We’re a Minneapolis, MN-based early-stage tech company that’s changing the way businesses do marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization online. With a growing team that works closely together, we move fast and enjoy what we do.

This position is for Drip, a SaaS application that recently became part of the Leadpages family. If you wind up working with us, you'll witness first-hand how a small SaaS team maintains double-digit growth every month (and how we scale our technology to handle it).

As a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer on the Drip team, you’ll work on a small product team in a gorgeous Rails codebase helping to design, develop, and ship production features that are used by thousands of customers. We are looking for strong developers who have focused primarily on web app development and have solid experience building fast, powerful code. This position will consist of tackling interesting problems, collaborating cross-departmentally and building an awesome product.

Come join the fun and build something great with us!

What you’ll do:

Your day-to-day responsibilities will shift and grow but to start with, you will:

  • Build and deploy a production feature in your first week
  • Work with a front-end developer to build and deploy new features to optimize performance of existing features
  • Write unit tests for your code to maintain our current 92% test coverage (we have 2.5 lines of tests for every line of production code!). This is a true test-driven environment
  • Work both independently and on a team to tackle interesting problems, with the time to solve them correctly
  • Build your legacy in a gorgeous production SaaS app that is used on thousands of production websites
  • Work directly with two SaaS founders on a highly-effective software team

What you’ve done:

You have a unique combination of skills, talents, and mindset, including:

  • You have a minimum of 3 years of professional, full-time Rails experience
  • You have deep knowledge of Ruby and Rails 4
  • You have solid experience with modern unit testing practices and are well versed in TDD/BDD environments
  • You have an ability to both understand and design complex architectures that scale
  • You have experience building web applications that serve hundreds of thousands of users
  • Elasticsearch, node.js, Go, AWS, Minitest, Ansible, JavaScript/CoffeeScript

Who you are:

  • Being detail-oriented isn’t just a sound-bite for you - it's one (of many!) of your genuine qualities
  • Not only are you well-versed technically, but you are thorough in thought and process
  • You love those "ah-ha!" moments when you've found a solution to a tricky problem
  • You love helping others and making sure that things are working properly
  • You know what ‘fast-paced’ really means and you embrace it.
  • What you don’t know, you’ll jump right in and learn. You can teach yourself whatever you need to know and you’re not afraid to go find solutions to difficult problems that crop up.
  • You never say “That’s not my job.”

Who we are:

Leadpages was thrilled to make #297 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list (we were #3 in Minnesota) and to be named a Star Tribune Top Workplace for the past three years in a row! To learn more about the teams that have helped us achieve these honors, we invite you to visit our Instagram, Facebook and About pages.

Drip is a startup team inside of Leadpages, working on a separate marketing automation application that is aptly named "Drip". Working with us gives you the best of both worlds: the intimacy, influence, and speed of a small development team (currently 6 developers), but all the perks of a well-funded parent company (stable, health insurance, stock options, 401(k), etc.)

Both of Drip’s founders are developers, and everyone on the team has a technical bent. As such, we are a developer-focused team that's a haven for expanding your technical chops. We place a high emphasis on code quality, test coverage, and UI/UX. We spend a lot of time making Drip look gorgeous both inside and out.

We consider working for a successful early-stage tech company to be a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. You will work hard and face exciting challenges, but our positions come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. If you bring your ‘A game’ to the table, here’s what we’ll bring:

  • Competitive pay, benefits, and equity.
  • A flexible schedule and opportunities to work from home.
  • A gorgeous, bright office, conveniently located in Downtown Minneapolis.
  • A fully-stocked snack bar and drink fridge to keep you fueled.
  • Relocation reimbursement, as needed. Please note: residence in or relocation to Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN is our one non-negotiable.
  • The chance to learn from some of the best people in the business, including our fiercely compassionate leadership team.
  • Career development isn’t just idle chit-chat but a tangible outcome of our robust People & Culture function. In 2016, we were overjoyed to give promotions to 27% of our stellar employees.
  • Challenging and meaningful problems to solve - you will invariably make a difference and impact.
  • A vibrant and devoted team, who still finds time for fun.
  • Finally, no politics and no jerks.

At Drip + Leadpages, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that upholds the dignity of all people. We value, respect, and celebrate everyone’s individuality and honor their unique strengths. We believe that embracing the diversity of thought and perspective encourages collaboration that leads to product (and people!) innovation, diverse products and a successful business. If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you!

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251 1st Ave. North, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN