Senior Software Engineer

Kipsu, Inc.

Job Description

Kipsu is a six-year old, bootstrapped software company whose messaging tools keep personal connections at the heart of service. We’re looking for driven, inventive, and positive-minded engineers with 3 – 5 years of experience to play a vital role in shaping our product and culture as we continue on a trend of rapid growth. Read on for details.


  • Be a key player on an engineering team of 10 and at a company of 40.
  • Have an impact. Your voice matters in how we do things. Help us shape the future of the company.
  • Advance your knowledge and career rapidly along with us as we grow.
  • Build an awesome product that matters to people and is leading in its industry.


  • We’re a solid, stable company, but we hold tightly to the startup spirit– everyone pitching in and working to the same goals.
  • Our culture– We have a team of 40 amazing, dedicated people who are all in it together; no corporate politics here.
  • Our unique philosophy– we bootstrapped this company ourselves and are in it for the long-term. There is a distinct sense of purpose at Kipsu as we do things on our own terms.
  • Awesome growth– we’ve had a strong few years and we continue to accelerate. It’s an exciting time to be here.


  • You’ll be empowered to design systems, select technologies, and drive meaningful changes in collaboration with a passionate team.
  • You’ll rely on object-oriented principles and solid coding practices as the foundation of everything we build. Our stack includes apps and services in PHP, Javascript / Node.js, Go, Python, and Swift.
  • You’ll join and help shape a team of full stack engineers that embraces DevOps not just as jargon but as a philosophy. Expect to be a part of zero-downtime deployments to our highly available infrastructure on AWS.
  • Embrace a culture of learning and take a “no fear” attitude toward solving interesting problems both in application development and beyond in areas like data analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, microservice architecture, and more.
  • You’ll participate in blameless sprint retrospectives with a focus on experimentation and continuous improvement. You’re not going to hear us say “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” At the same time, you won’t be subject to another “re-org” every 6 months.
  • Expect plenty of opportunities for leadership from day one and onward as we scale and you advance your career at Kipsu. We see all of our current team members as tomorrow’s leaders.


  • Unity– Everyone here is focused on the same goal. We share the same core values, and we share in our success. Our team members always have each other’s backs when it counts.
  • Transparency– Our leadership gets into the details at our weekly “all hands” meetings. We want everyone to have a full understanding of the business and to “think like a CEO”.
  • Trust– Our team members are given the trust and license to excel at their jobs, and are supported along the way to continuously grow.
  • Respect– Everyone here has a voice that is heard and respected. We strive to build a diverse team of people from many backgrounds, each bringing something different into our shared culture, and we believe that our success and future as an industry leader depend on it.
  • Purpose– Everyone here is closely connected to the result of their work. Every day our team gets to see the impact of what they do on our customers and their customers and you can feel that energy come out in our work.
  • Fun– Our kickball team wins the “Spirit” category (and we’re not bad, really!); we have a Slack channel dedicated exclusively to Jeff Bezos GIFs; we are a Best Place to Work in Minneapolis

One last thing– At Kipsu, we believe that our values, success, and future as a leader in our industry require a vibrant and diverse workforce. This is one of the many challenges we seek to solve, and we are intentional and active in recruiting talent that comes from all walks of life and building an environment that is inclusive to all backgrounds. We need your contribution to our team. Please, consider rolling up your sleeves and joining us on our journey.

To apply, please send us your resume and cover letter to Please answer the following questions in your cover letter. In your experience, what is it that distinguishes a senior engineer from an entry-level one? How has your perspective as an engineer changed since the start of your career?


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Minneapolis, MN