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Job Description

The Software Automation Engineer role at Granicus is for developers whose primary contributions are to non-production code - i.e. test automation. Automated tests are a critical component of our development and release cycle and thus a critical component of our platform as well. These test suites need to be maintained as meticulously as production applications, and it is the job of the Software Automation Engineer to design, develop, and maintain these suites.

As the Software Automation Engineer grows in experience they will be expected to take on leadership roles in the maintenance of this suites, and they will be tasked to work on production code as well. Finally, all Granicus Software Engineers are expected to contribute to the broader Granicus technology organization in the deployment and support of these applications in higher environments.

What You Get To Do:

A Granicus Software Automation Engineer is expected to:

  • Uphold the Development team's core values
  • Write high-quality software using test-focused practices
  • Be a core contributor to Granicus' automated testing suite
  • Work with your Scrum team to write meaningful test cases and acceptance criteria for stories
  • Develop bug fixes and simple feature changes for at least one application with Granicus product suite
  • Collaborate with your Scrum team, the Development team, and the broader Product Organization (i.e. Development and Product Management)
  • Be a participating member of the broader Granicus technology organization (i.e. Dev, PM, PE, Ops, CE, CS, ...)

What We Need In You:

  • Experience testing and/or supporting production-quality web applications (automated testing experience is a plus)
  • Basic working knowledge of HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, and related web technologies
  • Basic knowledge of one or more programming languages (Ruby, Java, PHP, SQL) and/or frameworks (Rails, Mule, Drupal, Wordpress) used in our stack
  • Commitment to quality and the craft of software development
  • Comfort within the text editor of your choice, a SQL prompt, and a Linux command line
  • Passion for learning new things
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Interest in being a part of an open, collaborative, and extraordinarily skilled software development team

Granicus is committed to providing equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status

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Saint Paul

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408 St. Peter St, Suite 600, St. Paul, MN