Software Engineer II

Kipsu, Inc.

Job Description

The Why

Our vibrant engineering team is looking to hire a driven, curious Software Engineer with 3 - 5 years of experience to help cultivate our stack at a proven (8 years in) tech company in downtown Minneapolis.

As consumers, we have plenty of ways to talk online about the service we have received but we don’t have the same friction-free ways to engage in-the-moment with real people at the businesses we visit. Kipsu provides a new way for businesses and guests to engage through real-time digital channels, transforming what it feels like to give and receive great service.

The How

We love the work we do and how we do it. We have deliberately built an engineering team that is tight-knit, non-dogmatically agile and embraces talented individuals who want to make a difference. We are on the lookout for a Software Engineer who shares our passion and is ready to take on the exciting and complex challenges of a rapidly growing software company. Read on if this sounds like the type of culture you would excel in!

The What

The Software Engineer II role encompasses developing, maintaining, and testing code in Kipsu’s various products for optimal functionality and scalability. Engineers at Kipsu are “utility players” who wear multiple hats and are expected to operate dynamically within our evolving organization. Engineers not only write code but also communicate technical design concepts, provide input and feedback on requirements, and contribute to the various development processes and culture of the team as a whole.


  • Performs coding in all layers of Kipsu’s product (front end / UI layer and back end / server-side) and in related systems (microservices, mobile applications, etc.)
  • Designs / architects system-wide solutions
  • Creates documentation on technical designs, seeking feedback and engaging with peers for input
  • Collaborates with QA resources to write thorough test plans in order to fully test code for both functionality and regressions
  • Serves on our level 3 support and emergency rotations; responds promptly and appropriately to incoming requests when on call
  • Regularly reviews code of peers, providing constructive feedback and asking questions as needed to understand the work under review
  • Takes ownership of creating technical project plans and working with stakeholders outside of Engineering
  • Acts as a mentor and technical leader to less experienced members of the team
  • Works with other teams, customers and integration partners to design and implement solutions when needed

As a successful track record is built up, further earned responsibilities may include:

  • Merging code and overseeing deployments
  • Planning sprints
  • Working with VP Engineering to plan for sprints
  • Working with others to get input on requirements for sprint
  • Estimating work effort and capacity
  • Acting as development resource
  • Occasionally making changes to production data
  • Aligning day-to-day work with strategic goals


  • Proficiency programming in back and front end languages
  • Proficiency in maneuvering and manipulating a relational database (running queries, running reports)
  • Proficiency in system architecture design, project management, and product management
  • Ability to mentor multiple engineers while maintaining other responsibilities
  • A “continuous improvement” mindset; independently studying knowledge gap areas (ex. Kipsu tech stack languages, object oriented design, best practices, etc.)
  • Strong technical communication skills; ability to interface, collaborate and partner effectively and strategically with other Kipsu teams
  • Ability to break down complex problems into manageable pieces that can be continuously deployed to production
  • A proactive mindset; communicating early and often around suspected shortfalls in deliverables or timelines
  • Ability to independently assess and respond appropriately to level 3 support tickets
  • Resourcefulness; ability to research and answer own questions
  • Ability to stay positive, be self-motivated, and work through complexity and ambiguity when needed

Required Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience)
  • 3 - 5 years of work experience as a software engineer, including experience in advanced coding
  • Object Oriented design experience
  • Demonstrated history of strong performance on complex or ambiguous projects
  • Writing scalable backend code using object-oriented principles in PHP, Node.js, Java, Go, or other languages and frameworks
  • Familiarity with concepts used to write security, performance, and scalability code
  • Building web applications with Javascript, and bringing in knowledge from working with modern frameworks like Angular, Vue, Backbone, Knockout, or React
  • Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud computing platforms
And, ideally, experience with some of the following:
  • Building native mobile applications for iOS or Android
  • Agile or other software development methodologies
  • Unit testing, integration testing, and/or QA automation
  • User experience testing and/or design
  • Working in the customer service domain and on customer service software​


One last thing– At Kipsu, we believe that our values, success, and future as a leader in our industry require a vibrant and diverse workforce. This is one of the many challenges we seek to solve, and we are intentional and active in recruiting talent that comes from all walks of life and building an environment that is inclusive to all backgrounds. We need your contribution to our team. Please, consider rolling up your sleeves and joining us on our journey.

Serious applicants will submit both a resume and cover letter. In your cover letter, please answer the following questions.

  • In your experience, what is it that distinguishes a mid-to-senior level engineer from an entry-level one?
  • How has your perspective as an engineer changed since the start of your career?
Interested but have questions first? Use our Kipsu text line (yes, using our product!) and a member of our talent team will get back to you! 612-400-7222.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Job Location

510 N. 1st Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Office Locations

100 S. 1ST STREET, NO. 583491, Minneapolis, MN

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