Web Developer and STEM Instructor


Job Description

This role has three substantial components:

  • 1. Teach kids how to code
  • 2. Develop and improve curriculum to teach kids how to code.
  • 3. Help work on substantial web projects in React and Scratch - we can teach you how to code!

      We will spend the summer teaching kids to code and working on a web project called "Code Championship." At the end of the summer, students will compete using the platform we build in the first "Minnesota Code Championship." You do not need to know how to code (yet), we can teach you what you need to know in order to teach the classes and help with the web project.

      We're looking for someone who:

      • believes it is important to bring more girls and kids of color into tech.
      • is excited to learn React and Scratch to build out a web project for kids.
      • can lead a classroom of 10 students on their own.
      • loves working with children and is comfortable adapting to the fantastic chaos that working with children brings.
      • has transportation throughout the Twin Cities Metro
      • is available Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm, June 3rd through August 17th
      • understands that keeping the children in our classes safe is important. Because we work with children, employment is contingent on running a criminal background check.
      • is authorized to work lawfully in the United States.