March 2, 2021
Minneapolis, MN
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Kipsu is rooted in a simple, yet profound goal: Elevate service professionals to the center of the customer experience, transforming transactional interactions into fully-developed relationships. As one of the Twin Cities’ leading tech companies, Kipsu has cultivated a reputation for strong company culture, providing exemplary service to its customer partners, and investing in the growth of their team members. The role below is crucial to the significant, sustainable growth and continued global expansion forecasted for Kipsu’s near future.


  • Chart your path on an entirely new role for Kipsu as you direct the full development lifecycle across software projects and ensure  our development trains are running on time.
  • Working hand in hand with our VP of Engineering as a direct report, product team, engineering leadership, and other key stakeholders in the company, serve from a unique vantage point on bringing ideas to life in a startup environment.
  • Make an impact. Your input is crucial to how we do things. Help us forge the future of Kipsu as a tool and a company while seeing and feeling  the direct results of your work.
  • Hone an invaluable product that empowers service professionals and is leading in its industry.


  • We’re a solid, stable company, and we enthusiastically embrace our founding startup spirit– everyone pitching in and working to the same goals.
  • Our culture– We have a team of highly motivated colleagues who are all in it together. We all succeed as one, and we all learn from our mistakes holding our interdependence in high regard.
  • Our unique philosophy– we bootstrapped this company ourselves and are in it for the long-term. There is a distinct sense of purpose and ownership at Kipsu as we do things on our own terms.
  • Remarkable growth– with nearly a decade of advancement, we continue to accelerate. It’s an exciting time to be here.


  • You’ll ensure every loop is closed, keeping all stakeholders engaged on project journeys, proper review, and execution of requirements.
  • Keep a portfolio of projects on plan by working with our engineering squad leads to estimate engineering effort and establish milestones for deliverables with accurate timelines.
  • Maintain a high level Gantt chart of projects for each quarter. You will facilitate quarterly our product roadmaps and execute.
  • Connect various teams across lanes such as Support, Enterprise Engagement, and Engineering as the liaison coordinating shared efforts in concert.
  • Striking the phrase “that’s not my job” from memory, you’ll solve interesting problems as we wade into green territory on how to optimize and operationalize collaboration, budget, conduct data analysis, and manage scheduling  with our expanding team.
  • House up to date, individual, project plans by partnering with Engineering Leads to see necessary work items are assigned and executed.
  • Guide release management through scheduling, manifests, communication, and vital tangents.
  • Anticipate future bottlenecks and lead project standups to unearth, communicate, and solve emergent challenges. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and curiosity will be crucial to identifying gaps and reducing ambiguity.
  • Expect plenty of opportunities for you to demonstrate your leadership from day one and onward as we scale and you grow along with Kipsu. We see all of our current team members as tomorrow’s leaders stepping not only into roles imagined but spaces yet unseen.


  • Unity– Everyone here is committed to the same mission. Our core values are not platitudes but our pact. We believe in the best in each other while always reaching to be better.
  • Transparency– Our leadership gets into the details. We all gather for weekly space to discover how each team is doing so that we have a full understanding of the business and think like a CEO.
  • Trust– Our team members are given the trust and license to excel at their jobs, and are supported along the way to continuously grow.
  • Mentorship– We all have more to learn and something to teach. The lessons are beyond technical. We celebrate our busy hive of shared growth.
  • Respect– Our success and future as an industry leader depend on actionable commitment to cultivating a diverse and equitable team. Everyone here has a voice that is heard and respected. We seek open and honest conversation on our journey to be active stewards of our shared communities.
  • Purpose– Everyone here is closely connected to the result of their work. Every day our team gets to see the impact of what they do enhancing the value of our customers’ work in their own professions. Our goals are explicitly tethered to our mission of building relationships.

Interested? Please apply with your resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please tell us...

  • Why you're excited about Kipsu,
  • What your understanding of the role is, and
  • What you're hoping to accomplish in this opportunity.

One last thing – At Kipsu, we believe that our values, success, and future as a leader in our industry require a vibrant and diverse workforce. This is one of the many challenges we seek to solve, and we are intentional and active in recruiting talent of all identities and building an environment that is inclusive of all backgrounds. We need your contribution to our team. Please, consider rolling up your sleeves and joining us on our journey and let us know if we can make any accommodations to better empower your candidate experience.

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