April 8, 2021
St. Paul, Minnesota
Job Type


Job: Front End Developer

Job description: The Front End Developer role at BetterYou is an integral part of developing and maintaining our digital wellness mobile app. As the right hand to the Lead Developer, you’ll work across teams and functions to deploy app features and enhancements that incorporate user feedback. Your skills in developing smooth, user friendly, and easy to use designs contributes to user engagement and retention, which in turn, helps grow the company’s portfolio of customers.

BetterYou is a digital coach that helps people spend their time on the things that matter most. Using the BetterYou wellness app, you set goals that are important to you in the areas of physical, social, educational, and mental wellness, and BetterYou runs in the background, providing gentle nudges and rewards along the way that positively influence behaviors. Learn more about BetterYou at

The Front End Developer has the following responsibilities and duties:

  • 60% Coding - coding, writing tests, and general app testing to maintain and refine existing features and implement product enhancements.
  • 20% Product/Design - a solid app design skill set will be leveraged when designing layouts and pages that are easy for users to understand and navigate.
  • 10% Documentation - write down and document processes for knowledge transfer and troubleshooting.
  • 10% Ad Hoc - as a technology startup, you must be nimble and flexible. From time to time, you’ll flex in on other functions within the company and the scope of your skillset. There are times when “all hands on deck” are needed for a bug fix or product deadline.

The Front End Developer should have the following skills, education and experience:

Formal training and experience:

  • Degree in software development or other relevant field of study
  • 2+ years of post-graduate work experience
  • Front end app design experience
  • React Native mobile development experience
  • Programming language requirements: Javascript, Java, Swift
  • Analytics tool savvy (Crashlytics, iOS crash logs)
  • Some experience in Android Studio and X Code
  • Web development (WordPress) experience a bonus

Attributes and personality traits:

  • Attention to detail
  • Comfortable working in an unstructured environment
  • Critical thinker that understands the interdependencies of their work on other parts of the business (how does this impact the end user?)
  • Creative problem solver
  • Willingness to explore and learn new things
  • Humility and ability to take constructive feedback
  • Collaborative team player


  • Already living in or willing to relocate to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota)

Application Materials:

  • Submit link to GitHub portfolio
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

BetterYou’s mission: BetterYou is dedicated to helping people make better health and wellness decisions every day.

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