July 22, 2020
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Job Type


Healthcare Project Manager


Instead of wondering what's wrong with healthcare, Perk Health is working with our clients to get it right. Not your average dev shop or consultancy, we specialize in long-term engagements where we build deep working relationships with our clients to answer some of the most pressing questions in healthcare like "how do we best taper down opioid prescriptions?" and "how can we change the health and cost trajectory of patients with a chronic lifestyle disease?”

As a team, Perk Health has an 8-year track record of shipping award-winning solutions that drive long-term behavioral change and meaningfully bend patient outcomes towards better.

We're building a better healthcare system and we need your help. We're looking for a dynamic Healthcare Project Manager to make sure our projects ship on-time and in-budget while delighting our clinets.

About the role:

As the Healthcare Project Manager, you will:

Collect business requirements, breakdown projects into tasks and timelines, and engage our clients throughout the lifecycle of the project so they end up with the product they need, not just what they had in mind.

You'll have the chops to manage complex, multi-system projects, the ability to speak client, designer, and developer fluently, a strong ability to influence and motivate local and remote teams to execute against critical project milestones, and a “let’s get stuff done” mindset that inspires everyone you work with to hit deadlines.

Your main focus will be our collaboration with MedStar Health, George Washington University, and Georgetown University to create a set of apps that help patients taper off prescription opioids. Perk Health is leading the design and development of the patient-facing application and a middle layer that facilitates integration between the patient app, the provider app, and the electronic medical record systems. Internally, you will be in charge of managing the design and development of the apps. Externally, you will have significant responsibility to facilitate the project through implementation with patients next year.

About you:

We're looking for someone with project management experience who has also worked 3+ years in the healthcare space. Bonus points if you've got experience working closely with Health IT professionals, doctors and other providers, and patients.

Additionally, here's a high level overview of our dream candidate:

  • You get things done: you have a strong track record of taking technical projects from design to development to implementation
  • You're obsessed with UX: you love starting with an idea and working with both clients and developers to turn it into something buildable
  • You de-messify systems and processes: when you see an imperfect process or an opportunity to improve a system, your head immediately goes to how you can make it neat and orderly
  • You love solving problems: you thrive on solving problems for clients and teammates. you make every meeting you sit in on better by virtue of being there and every team you've ever been on more productive.
  • You manage well: you're a manager of people and projects; a details person who also can see the big picture. you recognize the unique challenges of working with customers, technical and creative partners, and other stakeholders and find it exhilarating.
  • You've helped start a startup and/or love building: you have a bias towards action, like to build things— products, processes, routines, and can handle a roller coaster ride.

Perk Health Culture & Values:

  • Passionate about health: we believe there's no bigger opportunity than helping people be healthier.
  • Obsessed with user experience: we believe that great products are the result of a strong vision, through UX research, meticulous design, elegant code, and seamless project management.
  • Obliged to dissent: our teammates must speak up to team leaders and clients if they see a better path. no one has a monopoly on good ideas and hierarchies have no place here.
  • Comfortable building the plane while flying it: we're a growing startup with big ambitions. we're tolerant of ambiguity, like testing new ideas, and want to change the world.
  • Wondering "wouldn't it be cool if?": the whole Perk Health project is based on creativity. "we've always done it this way" is a dirty word and "wouldn't it be cool if?" is our mantra. we want people to come invent, explore, test out, blow up, and improvise with us.

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