Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA) : “Our mission is to make Minnesota’s software community among the most vibrant by providing C-level pro bono mentoring for CEOs of emerging software companies.”

Formed: 2011

Website: http://www.mesagroup.org/

Contact(s): Jim Moar – jmoar@mesagroup.org

Active Mentors (updated monthly):

Active Core Mentees (updated monthly):

Active Seed Mentees (updated monthly):



“MESA Mentors provide unvarnished, straight guidance and feedback shaped by experience and motivated by a pure desire to see their mentees succeed.” —Mike Anders, President, Agile Frameworks

MESA mentors were willing to just listen and share insights, one of few advisors that were truly unbiased, and had entrepreneurs interests at heart.” —Evan Carothers, CEO, Docalytics

“MESA is committed to giving the best advice and is the most legitimate resource out there. There is obvious wisdom on the MESA team.” —Matt Hardy, CEO, KidBlog

What 3 words would you use to describe MESA? “Confirmation, Experience, Validation.” —Scott Davis, CEO

“MESA gave perspective… both in praise for our growth to-date and insight on our next challenges. MESA did a good job of re-framing issues allowing us to arrive at our own conclusions.” —JJ Parker, CEO, TightRope

“The MESA mentors are one of the most trusted advisors a CEO founder can have.  MESA brings both trust and clarity to help a founder address challenges and determine what actions are best.” — Chad Halvorson, CEO, When I Work

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