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$20 and a Good Idea: Robin Crockett and Chris Black of Virtual Bid

What can you accomplish with $20 and a good idea? As we learn from Robin Crockett in this episode of The Podcast, a lot.

As the founder of a successful cleaning business, Robin was hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration after one particular exhausting day — why drive back and forth and back and forth and back and forth when video calls are in the palm of almost anyone's hand? That nugget grew into Virtual Bid, an app that allows cleaning professionals and homeowners to arrange video calls to get accurate bids for work. 

In the episode, Robin shares her story of entrepreneurship, how she connected with Virtual Bid's now CTO Chris Black, and her experience trying to raise capital in Minnesota as a woman of color. 

(PS -- Shacarria will be back on the podcast soon!) 


Alex Skjong
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