Fanchatter + YC = WIN

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Fan Chatter was orignated in MN by Luke Francl, Marty Wetherall, and Norm Orstad some time ago; but as recent as 4 months back they earned acceptance to the famed Y-Combinator seed-startup program and headed West to Silicon Valley for an intense 3+ month run aimed at accelerating their technology through pure submersion.

From the 8/4/09 PR:

FanChatter offers a platform for sports teams and other organizations to engage their fans through content sharing and generate more revenue through sales and sponsorships.

Congratulations to the FanChatter team for their accomplishements to date-keep up the good work guys!

We can only hope they experience continued success and come back to MN someday soon to start, facilitate, or otherwise contribute to a local seed stage startup model. If we (MN) are serious about our mid-long term financial viability & competitiveness, we must start investing in the means/methods to identifying, supporting, and retaining our human capital in the critical early stages.

As fantastic as Y-Combinator is, it’s not entirely altruistic as these investors/mentors are benefiting from first crack at emerging ideas/platforms + the talent behind them (often in the form of founders shares).

Sounds like a win-win for entrepreneurs & investors alike…what are we waiting for? The next promising tech startup to leave?

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