Local Startup Spotlight #8: Field Nation


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Field Nation, LLC is a web based platform that specializes in matching enterprise level IT contracts with localized independent technicians for the installation and servicing of technology-based equipment at any location within the US. Founded in March of 2008, the entire first year of the company’s existence involved a massive upfront investment of resources into the development of a patented business process that empowers customers with the tools to search, research, acquire, coordinate and project manage each IT engagement.

In less than a year since official deployment and without any significant sales & marketing efforts, the company has amassed a 15,000 strong network of on demand technicians with varying experience, diverse skill sets and unique qualifying certifications. The pricing/revenue model is performance based (cost per transaction),whereas if a technician lands a contract, they payout 10% of total goods and services receipts to Field Nation. Also, some customers may request that Field Nation manages the entire process on their behalf, for which they charge a fixed $20 fee. As this company continues to raise awareness and generate momentum on the customer side, it’s hard to imagine the Field Nation outcome as anything less than the rise of a virtual marketplace for IT deliverables.

Traditionally, depending on the size and nature of the business, there are of number common approaches an organization will take in dealing with its IT demands:

(a) Hire and employ a part/full time internal IT specialist(s).

(b) Engage with a consulting/staffing firm on a case by case basis, possibly establish service level agreements / preferred vendor relationships.

(c) Research and locate an independent contractor the old fashioned way: Google.

Like any game changer, Field Nation is positioned to address the shortcomings of the status-quo by flattening the economics and naturally creating an increased level of service standards/accountability through it’s integrated public feedback loop. According to its Founder, this startup is on its way to closing its first round of Angel funding between both local and Palo Alto, CA investors.

As Founder of Field Nation, Mynul Khan graduated in 2004 from St.Cloud State University where he earned his major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. His previous (and highly relevant) business experience includes the formation of Century Technologies in 2004 where he developed a service management platform that was focused on point of sales industry. Century Technologies was ultimately sold after reaching 4 million in revenues within 2 years. Additionally, with Venture Group, Inc., Mynul lead the architecture and development of enterprise software systems for different business units within the organization. He currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and acts as an advisor to a non-profit micro-finance organization from Bangladesh known as Pother Dishary Ltd.

“I think my greatest strength would be the passion for continuous innovation to keep the product and services unique and competitive in the industry. I have been working hard to create the culture of innovation within my organization so that our enthusiasm to invent and re-invent ourselves doesn’t slow down as we become a bigger company.” – Mynul Khan, Founder, Field Nation, LLC.

Mynul can be reached via Mynul.Khan at FieldNation.com or Twitter.com/mynulkhan.


  • NewUser

    Be careful – they had me pay around $40 in fees for a job only to pull it from me a month before the assignment. I would recommend alternatives.

  • Doug

    Mynul rocks! Met him tonight in Anaheim where he presented several advances, including health benefits, comissions on referring new buyers, a major reduction on their fee if you bring in the customer (10 percent to 3) and more!