Local Startup Spotlight #10: Mobile On Services, Inc.




Mobile On Services, Inc. is a new Minnesota based SAAS company that offers an automated platform for the creation of smartphone apps that work across multiple Operating Systems.  The service allows customers to log into www.buildanapp.com to create and edit their own unique content.  The backend technology will automatically create an executable file for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.  Google’s OS, Android, will also be supported within the next few weeks.

Scott Pearson, Co-founder, calls it “Mobile apps for the masses”.

They opened beta one month ago and have since registered over 2,000 users and counted “multiple hundreds” of apps created.   The apps are free to build and the company charges $19.99 to submit to Apple iStore.  The servicing of the apps is the real pricing model: individual updates are 7.99; unlimited monthly updates run 14.99; and the 6 month unlimited update plan is 59.99.  In the future, as functionality is added, premium services will be provided, as will the potential for a totally free of charge ad-supported option. The Buildanapp.com target market is any individual or small business that wants to create their own app for internal or external deployment.  A few scenarios include: scheduling/calendars, sharing/disseminating data, coupons for customers, digital tools, etc.. Like any DIY templated design/architecture service there will certainly be functionality limitations but considering the going rate for custom mobile app development and the price points of other comparable services, Buildanapp.com is a simple and cost effective solution.

Although Buildanapp.com is the first customer facing use of the core technology behind Mobile On Services Inc., they are also in discussions with potential industry partners about “white labeling” — pursuing another approach to monetization via license agreement/revenue share. They have a provisional patent on their technology as a business process and are currently self funded through friends & family.  According to Pearson they are in the market for growth capital and encouraged local investors to “Branch out a bit into web service companies”.

The Mobile On Services Inc. quartet includes: Anders Davidson, President;  Scott Pearson-Biz Dev; Andrew Lundstad, PM/Developer; and Shal Jain, Developer.   Scott Pearson can be reached at: Scott [at] mobile on inc .com


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    This sounds like a fantastic idea. I had no idea someone was building something like this in Minnesota.

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