Welcome Introduction by Paul Godfread, TECHdotMN Legal Correspondent

by Paul Godfread


I’m Paul Godfread, the legal correspondent for TECHdotMN and I will cover the legal aspects of technology startups in Minnesota.

Prior to law school, I worked in IT where I cultivated an interest in the intersection of technological development and the legal code.  In fact, my initial decision join the legal profession my have been driven by reading too many articles about copyright on Slashdot.org.

Currently, I have my own practice, Godfread Law Firm, P.C where I work with small businesses in a variety of legal practice areas.  I am really excited to be on board with a group of smart and passionate professionals –  Jeff, Mike, Tom, Zach and Peter, and I are collectively committed to this.

I will be following new laws and regulations that may affect startups as well as provide some legal reflections.  My areas of interest in the law relate to intellectual property such as: copyrights, trademarks, e-commerce and internet regulation.  I may explore the larger picture as well, but that which is relevant to the tech entrepreneur and startup company.  Areas of law that are outside of my comfort zone may include interviews, commentary and opinions from other more experienced members of the Minnesota legal field.

Above all, my goal is to be interesting and useful to people who are working in / on tech oriented startups.  I will gladly write about whatever is deemed valuable and you can contact me with questions or topical suggestions: Paul.Godfread [at] tech.mn

Thank you,

Paul Godfread


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  • http://www.activ8itnow.com Marc

    Paul – As you think about topics to cover, one that would be really valuable is a Legal Kick Start article for business’ just getting started. What legal structure to create, how to treat cash management, partner issues, equity splits, board considerations, insurance issues/requirements (i.e. liability), copyright, trademark, patents, etc.

  • http://www.godfreadlaw.com Paul Godfread

    Thanks for the suggestion Marc. I do indeed plan to write several short posts on legal issues for startups. I have one on Minnesota LLCs and one on trade secrets in the works. More to come on other areas of law.