Minnesota Startup Community: The Time Has Come For Less Talk and More Walk

Paul DeBettignies is NOT happy!

Understandably so. Here’s our response and question for the the Minnov8 gang podcast:

You’re an asset to our community Paul, I will always appreciate your candor and passion. Thank you for mentioning TECHdotMN, although we are a bit surprised. Certainly there are others “doers” that deserve to be on that truncated list before us!

We’re pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback we’ve received at only 23 days young. As we evolve, we’ll be rolling out new features that aim to consistently add more value to the Minnesota startup scene. We certainly have a long way to go in achieving our objectives but are all about promoting those who are “walking the walk.” For example, our “Local Startup Spotlight” podcasts feature homegrown entrepreneurs and technologists that are out there in the trenches, pushing the envelope – the ones down there on the ground level living it day in and day out. We feel that they deserve all the support they can get and strive to positively impact their initiatives – however microscopic.

We recently started a new series focused on creating more dialogue amongst the Private Equity side of the equation. Tongue in cheek, it’s called “Unmask the VC” (props to Zach Robins for that one). Regardless of one’s opinions on the role of investment capital in our startup environment, we believe that more awareness from both sides of the equasion (entrepreneurs and investors) will advance our collective understanding of the situation.

News, data, and actionable intelligence will be exchanged through our site on a hyperactive basis. This frequency isn’t for everyone which is why you can get TECHdotMN as it happens via Twitter and RSS, just our Podcasts, just our calendar of MN TECH events, or everything together in one monthly digest.

We’re convinced that Information Technology will play an integral role in Minnesota’s economic viability over the next decade and we’re looking to connect with other individuals/ groups that share our passion and desire to see the Minnesota tech market achieve its potential. Those who share our values, understand intentionality, can roll up their sleeves and get dirty are welcome to join the party. Hell, we’ll even promote those in our space that don’t see value in our efforts or believe in the concepts of mutuality, reciprocity and collaboration!

In honor of those who have come before us and those who have laid the foundation, we will bang the Minnesota Startup drum louder than ever before. We do have one question for tomorrow’s show: who’s dead serious about putting Minnesota on the startup map?