Get to Know #2: Rep. Sheldon Johnson + Related Broadband News

by Peter Fleck



Sheldon JohnsonSheldon Johnson is a Minnesota Representative (DFL) for district 67B, which spans South East St. Paul, including the neighborhoods of: Battle Creek, Mounds Park, Dayton’s Bluff, Highwood and Eastview.  He was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2000 and  is currently in his fifth term. He serves on committees that deal with issues such as energy policy, public safety and civil justice, preserving Minnesota’s heritage, and commerce and labor. He is also the Chair of the Telecommunications Regulations and Infrastructure Division, which addresses issues such as cable TV, telephone, and the internet.

Join TECHdotMN as we chat with Mr. Johnson about his role as the Chair of the Telecommunications Regulations and Infrastructure Division, and what he see’s for the future of Minnesota Broadband from a policy perspective.

In other Broadband news…

Grant proposal laid out for greater connectivity – 1/27/10

via Minnesota House of Represenatives

“State law could be one barrier standing in the way of an $80 million request to bring broadband connectivity to most schools in the state.
Rep. Denise Dittrich (DFL-Champlin) presented the request to the House K-12 Education Finance Division. The goal of the proposal is to establish a way to fund the necessary fiber optic infrastructure “to give students a global education.”

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The Net has a few holes in Minnesota – 1/25/10

byJean Hopfensperger, Star Tribune

“Imagine a world without online videos or telecommuting. It’s real for the many Minnesotans with limited access to high-speed Internet service.”

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Need for redundancy seen in Northern MN – 1/29/10

By Anne Treacy, Blandin on Broadband

“I got the following email from Chris Swanson, CEO of PureDriven. With his permission I am posting here. I wanted to help him spread the word and get feedback – but I also thought it might serve as a lesson or reminder to us all about the importance of redundancy…”

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Steam plant refutes Qwest’s explanation of phone outage -1/30/10

via Duluth News Tribune

“Qwest Communications’ explanation that a steam pipe rupture caused a fiber-optic line break that knocked out North Shore phone and Internet service this week doesn’t hold water, the manager of the plant that tends the pipes said Friday.”

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