Local Startup Spotlight #13: ProfitSee



ProfitSee is a financial insight tool that allows small and mid-size business owners to understand what multinational CFO’s do for their businesses: it helps them recognize what their real assets of the company are, how to better leverage them, and some key elements in creating financial stability, valuation and increasing profitability.

Decades in the making, ProfitSee is built over a data modeling system which (at times) applies up to 12 levels of Boolean logic sequencing to provide high level forward looking scenarios in a method that’s easy for business owners and decision makers to understand and act on. The technology was originally designed as a desktop software package but has recently been re-designed as a SAAS solution and will be launching next week.  Peter Vessenes, Creator of ProfitSee, has a lifetime of experience in financial consulting with multiple fortune 70 clients and many small to mid-size businesses as well.  Currently, he is Co-owner of Vestment Advisors, a financial coaching / turnaround company and Vestment Financial.  He created ProfitSee based on his “inability to effectively clone himself.”  When asked what the value proposition of ProfitSee is, Peter  said:

“We have a subscription rate, depending on how big you are, of either $45/month or $95/month that let’s you see and understand what a $400,000/yr CFO does.”

Powerful stuff!

Podcast Transcript with Jeff Pesek, Lief Larson and Peter Vessenes: