TECHdotMN Presents Minnedemo Livestream



Part I

  1. ArtsApp – (1:14)  Like for artists to submit multimedia (Dejen Tesfagiorgis)
  2. Reliacloud – (10:23) A cloud computing platform that allows people to build scalable computing infrastructure on demand (Jason Baker, VISI)
  3. Pedal Brain – (18:50) Advanced cycle computer based on the iPhone platform combined with web-based data analysis (Matt Bauer)
  4. MinuteBids – (29:25) An online bidding platform that makes it easy for property managers/owners to request and get bids for their property maintenance needs from top rated service providers (Jon Coudron)
  5. Pedalr – (37:37) A many-to-many market place for people who love bikes (Andrew Korf)

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Part II

  1. – (00:01) Custom branded MLS home search apps for realtors on iPhone and Android (Aaron Kardell)
  2. MileMarker – (10:00) Helps organizations capture ideas and prioritize them, making it easier to understand what to work on first (Bill Galfano)
  3. Live Information Manager for Business – (19:43) Connects employees of an organization to their data and each other from anywhere in the world, all from within a single workspace (Roger Peters)
  4. Mobile Roots – (28:41) Customized iPhone applications for campaigns (Lynn Smith)
  5. WebSlide – (35:32) Provides you and your clients with a private, secure, easy-to-use system for uploading, sharing, and collaborating on designs without ever leaving your browser (Paul Armstrong)


  • brett

    stream and audio are good!

  • Brett

    Great stream guys….really appreciate it! Will I be able to download the vid from your site anytime soon? Thanks.

  • TomG

    MileMarker by Bill Galfano is an interesting new productivity tool for not only web folks, but project managers and bosses in every industry. Think about the hundreds of ideas and tasks floating around- hey, this is a way to prioritize what is really important. Good luck with this application. Love it! -Tom in Milwaukee

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  • Rob Weber

    I enjoyed the video stream since I was not able to squeeze in to the actual demo room. Thanks for recording the demo’s TECHdotMN.