Target to offer virtual gift cards stored on cell phones



By Finance and Commerce

“The Minneapolis general merchandise retailer announced Monday that buyers can save gift card-related information in an account on the mobile website and use their Internet-capable phones to retrieve the barcode during checkout.

The company also said that it is the first major retailer to deploy the point-of-sale mobile technology that allows barcodes to be scanned straight from a mobile phone in all of its stores around the country.”

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  • Casey Allen

    Target gets pretty geeky with their gift cards. If you want to sell a gift card shaped like a duck, or sell one with a whistle attached, or with a stick of gum included, you’ll have to talk to Target’s lawyers. They’ve patented a ton of wacky stuff, including using a CD as a gift card.

    Not a bad ROI coming from their gift card department, I guess.

    If they actually patented this barcode method (doubtful) then it would be an epic win indeed.