Local Startup Spotlight #14: Launch Media


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Launch Media, based out of Plymouth Minnesota, has a vision to bridge the gap between traditional media and the interactive world via mobile device.  By leveraging SMS and two dimensional (2D)/quick response (QR) technology, they aim to partner with consumer brands and retailers to enhance a customers shopping experience by creating engagement at precisely the time when actual shopping decisions are made: point of sale.

The first step is to identify established (major) brands that seek to deliver a more meaningful experience with their customers through emerging mobile consumer application space.  Next, they bring their combined 40 years of retail and merchandising experience to the table and craft an in store mobile-centric campaign featuring a SMS “call to action” and/or a scanable 2D barcode that a shopper can capture and explore, in real time, on their personal mobile device. Odds are, the customer would be using a custom-branded reader application, but the barcode’s themselves can be read by any myriad of open readers available on the market. From here, customer experiences include a plethora of interactive options including but not limited to: ratings, reviews, coupons, recommendation engines, profiles (think shopping/wish lists), rich media, etc. From the retailers perspective, the immediate benefits are obvious, and to make Launch Media an even more attractive option, they have the ability to integrate advertising, hook into consumer databases, track detailed shopping habits and chart abstract trends.  Yes, the QR reader technology can even be embedded within pre-existing branded mobile applications.

The software applications that go onto the phones doesn’t cost the consumer anything; while discussing the business model, Launch Media wouldn’t get much more specific than “the charge is based on how deep the engagement with the consumer goes and how much value is derived to the brand.”

Fair Enough.

The Launch Media team consists of:  Scott Thomsen, Doug Thompson, Tony Frank and Adrienne Dyer.