Get to Know #4: Kate Rubin and the MHTA


Kate Rubin has been President and CEO of the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) for over 8 years.  Her background includes organizational and human resources  studies, sales, marketing, executive coaching and leadership development. Ms. Rubin originally moved to Minnesota in 1990 with IBM as part of a 100 million dollar initiative focused on health care and transportation within the public sector.

The MHTA has a rich history dating back 28 years; currently, it’s a non-profit with the mission to drive the growth, sustainability and global competitiveness of Minnesota’s tech based economy through their ACE strategy: Advocacy, Collaboration and Education. Membership is made of companies that range from small consultancies to Minnesota’s largest and best known tech firms. Membership dues run on a graduated level and are revenue based ($300-$12,000).  Benefits include: supporting policy and legislative initiatives, continuing education, leadership tracks and member only networking/ collaboration events.

This years MHTA Spring Conference, themed “A new way forward”, will be on April 22nd at the Minneapolis Convention Center .  The organization is also known for it’s annual TEKNE Awards which “Celebrate companies, innovations and individuals that have positively impacted Minnesota’s technology-based economy.”  Additionally, the MHTA is nationally recognized for its “Get STEM” portal, a unique means of connecting underserved classroom environments with the greater Minnesota business community.