Unmask the VC #5: Joy Lindsay, StarTec



Joy Lindsay is President of StarTec Investments, a private VC firm Co founded with Thomas McLeod in 1998.  Joy started her technology career with West Group  (sold in 1996; now West, a Thompson Reuters company)  as an exective in software, sales and marketing. Unlike most venture firms, StarTec has no Limited Parters, whereas Joy & Tom not only make all the investments decisions but they also draw on personal funds.

Ms. Lindsay is quite active in the local high tech and investor scene: she is a member of the Sofia Angel Fund – a group of 30 women that makes investments in women led/run companies;  2010 Vice Chair of the Minnesota High Tech Association; Vice President & Secretary of the Minnesota Venture Capital Association and also a member of the MOJO/MN initiative.

StarTec saw its first win right out the gate with Xiotech (acquired in 2000 by Seagate Technology); since inception, the duo has made 18 Minnesota investments and seen 1 IPO (Compellent). StarTec currently maintains 8 portfolio companies with a  focus on early stage (100-500k) Science & Technology startups.  They prefer pedigreed entrepreneurs/referrals from trusted sources, but do consider the blind plans and pitches they receive (1 per day on average).  StarTec maintains no public website.