Ramsey County ranks 23rd on national list of 25 counties with the fastest Internet connections

by Mike Bollinger


ID Insight, a Minnesota-based startup providing enterprise-level identity fraud solutions, today released a "Fastest 25" broadband list.  Minnesota’s Ramsey County is #23 of 25 on the list of  counties with the country’s 25 fastest Internet connections.  The "Fastest 25" list was generated using BroadBand Scout, a new national broadband connectivity and usage database. The top county, Nassau County, N.Y., boasts a median download speed of 15.0 megabits per second and a median upload speed of 4.4 megabits per second.

The counties on ID Insight’s Fastest 25 list include:

  1. Nassau County, N.Y.
  2. Kent County, R.I.
  3. Putnam County, N.Y.
  4. Benton County, Ore.
  5. Mercer County, N.J.
  6. Richmond County, N.Y.
  7. Delaware County, Ind.
  8. Snohomish County, Wash.
  9. Thurston County, Wash.
  10. Frederick County, Va.
  11. Washington County, R.I.
  12. Arlington County, Va.
  13. Yamhill County, Ore.
  14. Providence County, R.I.
  15. Calvert County, Md.
  16. Bristol County, R.I.
  17. Multnomah County, Ore.
  18. Chester County, Pa.
  19. Washington County, Ore.
  20. Salem County, N.J.
  21. Allen County, Ind.
  22. Suffolk County, N.Y.
  23. Ramsey County, Minn.
  24. Island County, Wash.
  25. Howard County, Md.

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