Podcast: A Chat with the Founders of MN Startup Lawyerist.com



By Graeme Thickins

I had the pleasure today to sit down over coffee with the founders of a content site for attorneys called Lawyerist, based in downtown Minneapolis:  Sam Glover and Aaron Street. I met Aaron at a recent monthly lunch meeting of Club Entrepreneur, which is run by my colleague Rick Brimacomb.

And, today, I had the opportunity to meet Sam, whom I learned continues as a practicing attorney as well. What I find so interesting about this content site, in addition to it being founded by attorneys (whom you’d not normally think of as having a bent for publishing or content), is that it actually has a business model, with real revenues, based on a subscription offering it launched in January. It’s attracting some leading contributing writers, as well as a significant amount of traffic for such a early-stage business.

Download or listen to Graeme’s interview with the founders of Lawyerist.com (MP3)

*This post originally appeared on Graeme’s blog and is reposted in entirety with permission