So, What’s Good Here? Minnesota Tech Startup Mxapp



By Dana Severson, Twin Cities Business

“Start-up: Lunchbox (an application of Mxapp)

Founded: 2009

Location: Minneapolis

Key players: Parag Shah, founder

Funding: Combination of self-funding and University of Minnesota grant

Web site: (, still in development)

Do you know who truly has the best hamburger in town? And not just based off of the opinion of a food critic—who’s most likely over-qualified to judge the likes of a simple burger. I’m talking about real, 100–percent authentic opinions from people like you and I, who have spent their own hard-earned dollars to buy the burger that they’re giving us their opinion on. It’s Matt’s Bar in my opinion, but then again, I’m a sucker for any food that has the potential to cause physical pain (AKA scorched by squirting cheese).”

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