Moodleshare aims to revolutionize education – one class at a time


Virtual learning environments are nothing new; as an increasing number of schools and institutions leverage technology, they take various approaches to e-learning, often erecting proprietary and closed course management systems.  But, what happens when knowledge, information, coursework and curriculum gets packaged, pooled and distributed for free across an open network of global teachers and instructors? Imagine a learning environment in which shared knowledge was sourced (in part) by the real-time collective intellect of educational professionals from across the world.

Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (aka Moodle) is a free and open source learning management system and teaching platform developed (primarily) by Moodle Pty Ltd in Perth, Australia. Moodle has a significant user base with 46,624 registered sites with 32,464,992 users in 3,161,291 courses in 209 countries and more than 75 languages are supported (more stats).  Moodle is essentially a a space for teachers to conduct classes with typical application for education, training and development and business settings.