Minnesota Local Startup Spotlight #15: MileMarker



Got ideas? Minnesota startup MileMarker was created to streamline idea management by offering a solution for the capture, prioritization and follow-through of ideas.

Serious brainstormers, ideators and groupthinkers have always needed an idea management system. Through its unique idea prioritization matrix, MileMarker enables constituents to rate/vet ideas and focus on the right stuff.  Targeted towards product managers, agencies, web developers and distributed teams, it will strongly appeal to anyone thinking creatively & strategically on a consistent basis.   MileMarker can be leveraged internally or externally, functions as a SAAS and will evolve into a subscription based pricing model.

MileMarker opened just over a month ago for public beta; some of you may have originally been introduced to MileMarker at the last Minnedemo:

Ideas are unlimited and never-ending. What stakeholders want to know is: what’s feasible, what’s valuable and what’s next? While there are numerous approaches people use to capture and manage our ideas – from stickynotes to spreadsheets to commercial applications – Bill Galfano, a Co Founder of MileMarker says:

“There are idea portal products, crowdsourcing mechanisms and internal software tools.  The aim is to compliment existing habits and solutions by enabling people with a means to quickly decide what to do next. That is our difference.”