U of M Grad pursuing passion through “The Movie Mash”

by Son Huynh


Minnesota is not known for its host of famous celebrities nor its rich culture of American cinema. Those qualities belong to a small district roughly 1520 miles  away that goes by the name of Hollywood. But just because the action happens halfway across the country doesn’t mean Minnesotans can’t be on the breaking edge of  film industry news. At least, University of Minnesota graduate Barrett Goetz doesn’t think so.

Goetz, 24 and a Strategic Communications major, founded The Movie Mash where they feature “relevant, prevalent, fast breaking news” on anything related to the film industry. Barrett, along with friend Matt Deery, both express their passion and knowledge for movies by posting new movie trailers, reviews, and any news relating to casting, acting, and/or directing.

The film industry is by no means a micro-niche. The Movie Mash must compete with other local movie news sources such as Switchblade Comb and Getafilm or even more national sources like Yahoo! Movies and ComingSoon.net. While movie-goers have plenty of other choices to get their news from, what the writers at The Movie Mash pride themselves on is their sense of humor; their content often contain a funny twist that keeps visitors coming back for more.

With a little help from local marketing/advertising/PR firm Tunheim Partners in Bloomington, The Movie Mash has managed to build a local following centered in Minnesota. They have over 400 fans on their Facebook fan page and the site gets roughly  1500 unique visitors a month (4000 page views).

In April, the site will have been live for one year and as the site continues to grow, Mr. Goetz has high hopes for the future. They have plans to start doing more video posts –  some of them will be of their own making. A plan is also in the works to partner with Mann Theatres and local director and writer Rob Perez (40 Days and 40 Nights) to screen his movie, Nobody.