PlantJotter tracks your efforts in the garden

by Mike Bollinger


Serious gardeners will need to clean their keyboards a little more often.  PlantJotter, a new web-based software offering by Barb Hegman, is looking to bring technology just a bit closer to the creative and calloused hands of those with green thumbs and dirty fingernails.

PlantJotter is a tool to help gardeners organize and record their garden work in one centralized, personalized location.  It allows subscribers to easily—and cheaply—keep track of what was planted (when and where), what’s working, and what bloomed.  Further, subscribers can store photos, create personal reminders (it’s time to weed. again.), and use the general garden calendar and plant database for planning.

According to the PlantJotter website, in a survey of 2000 Master Gardeners, 22% keep a journal of their gardening activities and 52% sometimes keep a journal.  96% track what they planted, 77% track ideas for the future, 69% track planting dates, 39% track bloom times and 38% track pest and disease problems.  And now it’s easier to do, just in time for spring.


  • Terese North

    PlantJotter is a fantastic idea! I'm sure that many gardeners would welcome the opportunity to be able to track their planting history, as well as record, organize and plan their present and future gardening work. The calendar would be a tremendous help! Great idea, Barb!