In 24 hrs, nearly 160 Minnesota web pros will gather to create free websites for 16 nonprofits



via The Nerdery,

“From 9 a.m. Saturday until 9 a.m. Sunday, 159 volunteer web developers will donate more than 3,800 hours of professional services to 16 Minnesota nonprofit organizations selected for The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge.

“For the third year in a row we openly challenged the entire Twin Cities web development community to force us into choosing only the 12 most qualified teams; after careful consideration we chose 16,” said Luke Bucklin, president of Nerdery Interactive Labs, a division of Twin Cities-based Sierra Bravo. “We at The Nerdery have never been more proud to be part of this awesome interactive community.”

These 16 web development teams will spend most of this weekend creating free websites for these nonprofits.”

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