MVTV Wireless & Northeast Service Cooperative Awarded Federal Stimulus Broadband Money



Via MVTV Wireless,

“34 Additional Wireless (WiMAX) Access Points Coming to West Central and South Central Minnesota!

(MVTV Wireless) Minnesota Valley Television Improvement Corporation: The Minnesota Wireless Expansion Project; $562,776 loan and $562,776 grant, and $281,388 of private investment. The funding will provide a two-way broadband internet network to unserved and underserved areas of west central and south central Minnesota, providing 34 additional wireless (WiMAX) access points.”

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Ann Treacy from The Blandin Foundation also reports on the 2nd recipient  as of late Рtechnically, the fourth in Minnesota with respect to the first two beneficiaries.

“Northeast Service Cooperative: The Northeast Minnesota Middle Mile Project; $21,749,110 loan and $21,749,110 grant. The funding will provide middle-mile, dark fiber, wavelength services to private-sector providers in rural areas of northeast Minnesota.”

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