What’s happening with Minnesota Broadband? Get to Know #7: Ann Treacy



Ann Treacy is formally trained as a Librarian and owner of Treacy Information Services.  Currently, she is under contract with The Blandin Foundation for her research & writing services where manages and contributes to the BlandinonBroadband.org blog. In our estimation, Ann knows as much as anyone about what’s currently going on with the Minnesota Broadband situation at large. Join us for 30 minutes as we learn about Broadband in Minnesota.


Aggregated time line of Broadband Minnesota links; special thanks to Peter Fleck, TECHdotMN Networks Correspondent, for his assistance in compiling this information! Just leave a comment if we missed anything newsworthy/relevant from within the past few years.

Don’t have time to read the links? Well then you’ll just have to wait, watch and listen as distinct narratives play out for Minnesota’s Broadband future!

6/7/10: Minnesota can be a broadband leader

6/6/10: Minnesota BTOP/BIP Round One awards compiled

5/26/10: New Connect Minnesota Maps Webinar

4/30/10: Hickory Tech is expanding

4/27/10: Gov signs Minnesota broadband bill

4/21/10: Race is on again in Twin Cities for faster wireless networks

4/15/10: Minnesota Broadband Bill passes Senate (HF2907)

4/13/10: Hickory Tech applies for 16.8m in BB Stimulus

4/4/10: MinnPost calls it “Seeding ‘a culture of broadband’ in rural Minnesota”

4/1/10: Steve Borsch expresses his disappointment with the Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Taskforce on the last day of their official organization.

3/30/10: Minneapolis Digital Inclusion Fund Advisory Committee seeks new blood!

3/29/10: Tom Steward (husband of Qwest employee) refutes Christopher Mitchell: “Not every city should take on broadband”

3/27/10: Ann Treacy’s notes on closing of Google Fiber for Communities application period.

3/25/10: Governor Pawlenty Proclaimes “Google Twin Ports Day

3/25/10: Qwest applies for ARRA funding

3/25/10: Ann Treacy reports “Broadband Bill (HF2907) Passes (House)“. (Waiting on outcome of  SF 2254)

3/25/10: Latino Economic Development Center receives ARRA grant money via Mission Economic Development Agency receives (3.7mm across 17 states) – A & B

3/25/2010: Blandin receives 4.7mm ARRA funding

3/24/10: “Duluth Turns to ID Insight for Cutting-Edge Broadband Data in Bid to Win Google Ultra-High-Speed Internet”

3/23/10: MVTV & Northeast Service Cooperative receive $562,776 loan & $562,776 grant in ARRA funding

3/23/10: Finance and Commerce tackles the National Broadband plan “Trying to shrink the Broadband gap

3/22/10: Duluth ‘Twin Ports Spoof’ Video on Vanity Fair:

3/21/10: Duluth Mayor Don Ness featured on the front page of NY Times

3/19/10: Southwest Minnesota Broadband Group receives 6.4 million funding

3/17/10:Qwest files claim against Duluth steam plant for communications outage

3/15/10: Broadband Consumer Service Protection Act filed by Sen. Klobuchar (working draft)

3/16/10: MinnPost posits “Minnesota slipping in efforts to get more high-speed Internet access

3/16/10: White House releases national broadband plan with deliverables plus FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski video (actual plan-376 pages)

3/14/10: Christopher Mitchell declares “In Minnesota, a de facto limit on broadband

3/5/10: Christopher Mitchell writes, “Minnesota Providers Push for Draconian Limits on Public Networks in Minnesota

3/4/10:Qwest files for damages in fiber optic line break

3/4/10: Halstad Telephone Company received 3.3mm loan & 3.3mm grant for MN Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Project.

3/3/10:ID Insight informs us that “Ramsey County ranks 23rd on national list of 25 counties with the fastest Internet connections

3/2/10: SF 2532 Amendment proposed

2/26/10: Duluth Twin Ports throws it’s hat into the ring

2/25/10: Cook County ARRA application rejected

2/19/10: Minneapolis-St.Paul Business Journal reports “Minnesota Ranks Well for Internet Access According to US Census Bureau

2/18/10:Quest Meets with County

2/11/10: Quest keeps heat on steam

2/10/10: MN Broadband Roadmap sets expectations – S.F. No. 2254 Broadband Bill Introduced in MN Senate with statewide goals

2/10/10: Google’s Fiber For Communities Announcement

2/9/10: S.F. No. 2532: Municipal Telecommunications Services Bill introduced

2/5/10:Qwest continues to cite signs of heat damage to phone line

2/4/10: Municipal Telecommunications Services Bill – HF 2629 introduced

2/4/10: Jim Boyd comments: “North Shore communities discover a frightening vulnerability

2/4/2010: MPR’s Bob Kelleher Reports: “Phone outage in NE Minn. reveals potential dangers

2/4/10:Reason for outage remains a mystery

2/2/10: TECHdotMN podcast with Chair of the Telecommunications Regulations and Infrastructure Rep. Sheldon Johnson

1/30/10:New information casts doubt on Qwest’s outage explanation

1/29/10: Ann Treacy echoes “The Need for redundancy in Northern MN” based off ‘Telecommunications Crisis’ letter from Chris Swanson, CEO of PureDriven in Two Harbors, MN

1/29/10: “Duluth says steam break not to blame for phone outage

1/28/10:Meltdown zaps internet, phones

1/27/2010:House grant proposal laid out for greater connectivity

1/25/10: Startribune reports: “The Net has a few holes in Minnesota

1/15/2010: Commerce Dept. NTIA and USDA’s RUS announce availability of $4.8b in Recovery Act Funding to bring broadband to more Americans  (Round 2)

12/17/10: Broadband stimulus money awarded to Regents of the U. of Minnesota – BTOP.

12/17/2009: “Vice President Biden Kicks Off $7.2 Billion Recovery Act Broadband Program”

11/30/2009: Lake County applies for ARRA funds

10/29/09: Christopher Mitchell & Jim Baller team up to publish “Community Broadband Preemption Map” illustraing “various barriers” in the building of open, publicly owned networks within Minnesota.

October 2009: Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Taskforce releases final report

11/3/09: Cook County fails to get super majority vote to proceed with public networks initiative (65% needed)

7/1/2009: Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP)  releases the fact sheet for the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program & fact sheet for the State Broadband Data Development and Grant Program (Round 1 of funding – 4.7 Billion)

3/16/2009: Star Tribune says “Minnesota groups are lining up for part of the $7.2 billion in federal recovery money designated for broadband projects

2/17/2009: President Obama signs The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 into law

8/15/2008: Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Taskforce convenes

6/30/2008: Governor Pawlenty announces the appointment of 20 leaders (26 members total) to the Minnesota High-speed Broadband Task Force

4/21/2008: (effective 4/19): Governor Pawlenty signs the bill to enact the law to form the Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Taskforce

4/16/2008: High-Speed Broadband Task Force passed House (HF2107)  & Senate (SF 1918)

3/15/2007: SF 1918 introduced in MN Senate

3/14/2007: HF2107 introduced in MN House