Angel tax credit reshapes Minnesota’s innovation culture



By Thomas Lee, MedCity News

The $50 million angel tax credit passed by the Minnesota legislature Monday will no doubt provide much-needed early stage capital for young start-ups. But the law’s biggest benefit may not be dollars and cents, but rather how outsiders see Minnesota and how Minnesota sees itself.

By passing the bill quickly in the legislative year and with such overwhelming bipartisan support in the face of a $2 billion budget gap, lawmakers have instantly established Minnesota as a credible place to innovate and embrace risk, investors and entrepreneurs say. That’s quite a departure from the traditional rap on Minnesota, a high tax state whose 19 Fortune 500 companies had made its residents and leaders complacent and timid.”

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  • robertweber

    I am very pleased our state's elected officials got this done in a very tough legislative environment. We can argue over the details and how the bill could be improved, but this is a huge step for Minnesota's support for start-ups.