Interactive mobile media coming to a liquor store near you. Local Startup Spotlight #17: BevPost



BevPost is a Minnesota startup company focused on measured media designed specifically for the beer, wine and spirits industry. The company’s go-to-market product is a SMS/text-based promotional platform which allows the various brands of alcoholic beverages (over 6,000) to engage customers in an interactive experience via mobile phone.  Starting in Minnesota over the next 1-2 months, customers will enter their preferred liquor retailer and see BevPost in action, for example,  as a real-time text messaging promotion applied to a variety of different types of alcohol or a scratch & text label affixed to a specific product. From here, purchasers will be eligible to receive instant rebates, drink vouchers, merchandise and more. BevPost’s next level of interactivity will be software and mobile application driven, aimed at developing community around the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages.