Making it Happen in Minnesota – Get to Know #9: Bjorn Stansvik


Björn StansvikBjorn Stansvik is a the Founding CEO of MentorMate, a Minneapolis-based custom application software development company. MentorMate’s beginnings trace back ten years to the creation of a patented mobile software technology called iQpakk, aimed at the learning and education space. In 2004, the company re-invented itself to leverage the resources of a diverse 35 person team (between US & Europe) and evolved into full-service web development/design firm with a broad range of expertise including mobile application development and internet marketing.

Presently, the firm services a variety of customers – from small, venture backed startups, to global organizations in the healthcare, energy and entertainment sector.  In part, the secret to the success of MentorMate has been to embrace a culture of continuous improvement and internal incubation through their “New Ventures” initiative. With this systematic  approach to innovation, the MentorMate team constantly submits, collects and vets business ideas with an intent to develop and deploy those with the greatest potential.  For example, three products sourced through from the program include: SpyderMate, MigraneMate and LocationMate – a mobile tracking application for enterprise logistics or consumers via Facebook integration.

Mr. Stansvik holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from the Gothenburg School of Economics and has completed a master’s thesis in Civil Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.  He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), and in 2008, was elected to the board of the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary.  He often speaks at the University of Minnesota and other institutions on topics such as entrepreneurship, software development and globalization.

Listen to a brief yet fascinating story of an entrepreneur who planted his flag in Minnesota after immigrating to America with little more than a suitcase and a relentless desire to realize his dreams.