Follow-up Video Interview with Dan Grigsby on the end of Mobile Orchard


Last Friday, Dan Grigsby ceased operations of both iPhone development and Mobile Orchard – a destination for iPhone Developer News, Links and interviews.  From the final goodbye,

Ask permission environments crush creativity and innovation. In healthy environments, when would-be innovators/creators identify opportunities the only thing that stands between the idea and its realization is work. In the iPhone OS environment when you see an opportunity, you put in work first, ask Apple’s permission and then, only after gaining their approval, your idea can be realized…That’s wrong. It’s been wrong. And, with the extension of this approach to the iPad, it’s becoming ever more wrong. And this week’s news that “Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript” — making verboten Corona, iPhone Wax, and Unity 3D, destroying one of the most innovative areas in iPhone dev — is more wrong still.”

TECHdotMN interview with Dan Grigsby from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.