As camping season ramps up, Minnesota startup Camp Lots marks 1 year milestone

by Son Huynh


Camp LotsDespite all the available options, the best place to park the RV and setup camp isn’t in the backyard or the local Walmartit’s a campground or resort lot.

The challenge with this ideal is that many campgrounds and resort lots for rent (or sale) aren’t always visible to the public eye because the campground industry typically has a very difficult time promoting their inventory of available lots and campground amenities.  Unless prospective campers are willing to drive the extra miles to visit each campsite, RV park or resort in person, chances are they don’t know all the options which are available to them.

Created on the premise that the discovery, research and sales process is broken, Camp Lots provides support for campgrounds and private-sellers to showcase their inventory with photos, descriptions/details, maps and other relevant information.  Conversely, site visitors can search this nationwide directory for campgrounds and resort lots and even reserve spots online, saving countless hours of time and energy.

By default, Camp Lots provide a simple listing for campground operators to promote their listing, whereas a premium account will provide access to advanced promotional and social networking tools. Additionally, owners also have the ability to sell their lot through Camp Lots by purchasing a lot listing; that is, for a flat fee, the listing will run until it sells.

While the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds offer their own campground directory, Camp Lots Founder Barry Cedergren says “they don’t have available lot (sale) listings. By providing a clear and intuitive experience, Camp Lots offers both services without all the clutter and confusion to find exactly what is being looked for”.

Now entering its second camping season, Mr. Cedergren sees the vision of Camp Lots as “the standard for connecting families planning their next vacation with the right camping place and space .”

Keep an eye on Camp Lots as they roll-out other features and enhancements aimed at this segment of the camping market.