How to Land an Early Stage Tech Investor Using Key Measures

by Rob Weber


Unless your last name begins with “Karim”, “Ronning”, or “Lawson”, et. al.  (Minnesota tech masters of the universe for those of you who need to brush up on your local tech lore) then you are going to need to prove yourself and tech start-up to would be early stage tech investors – aka “Angels”.

Part of proving your start-up is demonstrating the potential for a meaningful exit (what all investors deep down are looking for) by having a solid base of facts which can be used to establish the foundation of your early-stage company. The best way to come across as credible is to present key operating metrics, financial measures and milestones to prove you have what it takes to be a Minnesota tech superstar.

A few key recommendations on facts you should be prepare to show a potential investor which will dramatically improve your chances of scoring the early stage investment you are looking for: