Minnesota SaaS Startup Boosts University Fundraising by the Millions – Local Startup Spotlight #18: Reeher



ReeherReeher is a software service designed to help universities improve their fundraising efforts.   At its core, Reeher’s proven predictive modeling process will forecast the likelihood that a potential constituent will donate and it can projects the dollar amount of the gift.  As an extension, the technology functions as a marketing platform to strategically target prospective alumni and gift officers.

Whether for recurring annual campaigns or single instance major donations, the Reeher value proposition is simple and constant: raise more funds and spend less doing it. At a time when colleges and universities across the country are taking long hard looks at systemic cost cutting, Reeher is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a massive opportunity.   The  initial results are impressive; in one instance, Reeher’s customer increased their fundraising income over 500% within 24 months.  In another example, a public research facility attributed 15% of their annual raise (80mm-100mm) to the adoption of Reeher.