Who Are Minnesota’s Radical Tech CEOs?

by Ernest Grumbles

radical ceo'sDoes Minnesota have any “radical tech CEOs”?

I’ve asked this question many times, and I usually get blank looks or, “I can’t really think of any.”

What is a radical CEO?

First, you have to understand what a radical CEO is.  My definition is: a CEO who (a) understands the effect that their company has on the socio-economic, political and cultural circumstances of their workers, customers, investors and partners and (b) is able to articulate and share a credible vision for the company’s role in improving those circumstances (beyond mere foundations and donations).

Radical CEOs, who are, in larger enterprises, analogous to political figures, understand the clear connection between what their business is trying to sell and its cultural and social impact.  This is obviously a vital business skill in the sense that to be able to sell products and services well, you need to understand the environment that you are trying to sell into.  But I think there is an aspect of how radical CEOs operate that shows that they are fundamentally concerned with both the economic and social impact of their enterprises.