AutoMotionTV launches iPad/iPhone app creation platform

by Mike Bollinger


In a private launch event this week, AutoMotionTV unveiled a new product marketing application for Apple’s mobile devices. The new platform allows product manufacturers to create a fully interactive custom application to showcase their product offering using video, pictures, and 360-spins.

At the event, AutoMotionTV president Ben Anderson explained the problem he thinks he can solve: more than ever, product manufacturers want to establish a presence in the mobile marketplace. However, costs to develop a custom iPhone app are high (have you priced one out lately?), and Apple’s approval process is notoriously clumsy and backwards (you spend huge money to develop an app, but your ability to sell it is only later “graced” by Apple—but maybe not).

The new platform, according to Ben, solves these problems for marketers and manufacturers. Using the App creation tool, manufacturers can develop custom product marketing apps in a matter of days instead of months. “Our technology allows consumers to experience products in the palm of their hand,” said Ben. “With the ability to touch, spin, and interact with the content, we have created an entirely new way for consumers to immerse themselves in a manufacturer’s product offerings.”

The platform does not break Apple’s Terms of Service (which was recently updated to say applications can’t be developed using an intermediary translation or compatibility layer). AutoMotionTV creates a standalone, custom application for each client. Each app goes through its own approval process in the app store.

AutoMotionTV has a monthly no-contract flat-rate cost structure. Pricing is rumored to be around $499/month.