iPhone app maps over 300 businesses and 8 miles of Minneapolis skyway

by Son Huynh


Skyway iPhone App
Did you know that Downtown Minneapolis has the largest continuous skyway system in the entire world? Linking an estimated 69 city blocks and spanning over 8 miles, the Minneapolis Skyway System connects hundreds of various offices, stores, and businesses. For the hundreds of thousands of people that use the Skyway System a day, navigating through this complex city maze can be tricky. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a map of it and listed all its tenants? Well, over 8 miles and roughly 350 tenants later, someone did.

Minneapolis Skyway AppAbout a year ago, Minneapolis-lovers Casey Holley and John Haddad from Frypan Digital sat down to create Minneapolis Skyway, an iPhone application that maps the extensive Minneapolis Skyway System. Their vision is to create a product that would be widely used and benefits the Minneapolis community. Their market isn’t just the people that live and work downtown, but anybody that have to go there and use the skyways. This includes tourists, business travelers, and even suburbanites that just go down there to shop.

Speaking of shopping, the founders of Minneapolis Skyway hope that their application will provide a service of value for the tenants as well. Minneapolis Skyway maintains the most current and complete listing of the various businesses that live in the skyway. Using Google Maps and GPS technology, users of the app can search for businesses, get directions, and even bookmark their favorite locations. It also integrates with Yelp so that users can find reviews for the places they want to go. There is a lot of potential here for tenants to promote their business. For a price, businesses can additionally list deals and events on the app in order to draw more people in.

Minneapolis Skyway is currently being sent through Apple’s approval process for submission to the App Store. Although they won’t be the first app in this niche (The Skyway Guide is a similar app that is already on the market), they definitely have a unique set of features that will make them stand out. In addition to what’s already been mentioned, Minneapolis Skyway has a “save parking spot” feature that allows users to save their current location on the map so they can navigate back to it later.

Once the app (fingers crossed?) makes it through to the App Store, founders Holley and Haddad will certainly look to extend their application and add more to it. Their first priority however, is to keep the listing of tenants current and complete. They’ll depend not only on their own resources, but also on the tenants and users of the app to give notice when something changes. Minneapolis dwellers with iPhones should definitely look forward to the app appearing on the App Store in the near future. If you’re a non-iPhone user, don’t fret, they have plans to eventually port it to Android.