St.Cloud Entrepreneur carves out niche in on-call scheduling software. Local Startup Spotlight #21: Adjuvant



Adjuvant is Physician on Call scheduling softwareAdjuvant Technologies is a St.Cloud-based internet startup company which develops, markets and provides on-call scheduling software for physicians – and only physicians. Used inside of a clinic or hospital setting, this software as a service aims to quickly, easily and accurately determine: who’s on call, when are they on call and at what location.

The concept was conceived some ten years ago by Adjuvant Co Founder Dr. Patrick Zook who was tasked with creating these schedules by hand within his own family practice; thus the code actually started as a DOS based software but was shelved as other priorities surfaced.  A little over two years ago, Adjuvant CEO and Co founder Justin Wampach dusted things off to breathe life into a new web based software product.

“The old way of doing things may not be completely broken, as much as it is just terribly inefficient,”  Says Mr. Wampach. describing the 90% (or more) instances where these schedules are created and maintained in either a 3 ring binder or a makeshift excel chart.

The company has two unique products, Call Scheduler for the clinics and Call Communicator for hospitals.  It’s customers come from across the nation, ranging from small practices to large orgs with 30+ physicians to schedule. Although pricing for the hospital solution, Call Communicator, wasn’t disclosed, Call Scheduler is setup as a month to month subscription (free 30 day trial) priced between $6-$18 per provider (physician) per month. Mr. Wampach pegged the overall market size for this product at $600m dollars with just over $100m potential for Adjuvant.

Adjuvant is (at least) the second major endeavor for this St. Cloud State graduate with the “entrepreneurial spirit and passion in his belly.”  His previous company, Digital Green was a software development and cable installation company which reached 10m in annual revenue amongst three different office locations.

“I enjoy building things and I enjoy starting things. This web-based software company really isn’t a software company, we’re really a sales and marketing company that sells software.  It’s so easy to develop products and software, what it’s hard to do is sell it…The biggest thing I’ve learned is that the person who starts the company isn’t always the best person to run the company long term and to take it to the next level.” Justin Wampach, CEO and Co founder, Adjuvant.