St.Cloud Entrepreneur carves out niche in on-call scheduling software. Local Startup Spotlight #21: Adjuvant



Adjuvant is Physician on Call scheduling softwareAdjuvant Technologies is a St.Cloud-based internet startup company which develops, markets and provides on-call scheduling software for physicians – and only physicians. Used inside of a clinic or hospital setting, this software as a service aims to quickly, easily and accurately determine: who’s on call, when are they on call and at what location.

The concept was conceived some ten years ago by Adjuvant Co Founder Dr. Patrick Zook who was tasked with creating these schedules by hand within his own family practice; thus the code actually started as a DOS based software but was shelved as other priorities surfaced.  A little over two years ago, Adjuvant CEO and Co founder Justin Wampach dusted things off to breathe life into a new web based software product.