New MAP TechWorks Tool Shares Nonprofit Tech Knowledge and Spurs Collaboration

by Tristan Pollock


MAP for Nonprofits TechWorks When comparing philosophy of competition between capitalistic/for profit business and the nonprofit sector, collaboration is a defining element. Rarely does there exist small businesses and corporations (within the same respective space) sharing trade secrets and other resources.  On the other hand, nonprofits and social enterprises alike are flourishing with a new found capacity to conspire for good.

MAP TechWorks is a new Web tool — created by nonprofit catalyst MAP for Nonprofits — through which nonprofit practitioners can tell their technology stories and share tips and advice. It’s but one example of how the Minnesota nonprofit community has torn down the barriers of information transfer and begun to create a new trend of coming together for the bigger picture. “We can give a voice to organizations who are experts at what they do, and through those voices others are able to learn and make expedited progress for the causes that they’re dedicated to.” says MAP for Nonprofits IT Manager,  Rick Birmingham.