How can Minnesota be Better? Meet Saturday’s Minnebar panelists


Minnebar UnconferenceMinneBar is an (un)conference aimed at getting those in Minnesota’s tech and design communities together to discuss topics that interest them. This Saturday (5/22) from 9-6,  a crowd 500 plus will gather at Best Buy headquarters for one of Minnesota’s premier tech events – now on its fifth evolution.

Mike Bollinger and I will be facilitating/moderating a session focused on the Minnesota startup culture, aptly titled: “How can Minnesota be better?

“Check your Minnesota nice at the door and break out the alter ego for a candid yet pragmatic conversation about the circumstances surrounding Minnesota’s startup community and (by extension) the future of Minnesota tech. A working framework will explore the concepts of:

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Facilitated by two Minnesota entrepreneurs passionately committed to seeing early-stage Minnesota tech be all that it can be, this session poses one simple question with no easy answer.”

Below are the five hand-picked panelists who will be sharing their unique perspectives on the notion of  “improvement”.  Are there other local thought leaders, experts, executives, stakeholders and numerous people or parties equally interested in and actively working towards improving Minnesota’s startup culture?  Absolutely! This was the best we could do to pull together a diverse and complimentary group of qualified/concerned individuals  on such short notice.  This session will be held during the second part of the day, likely between 2-5;  please indicate your interest here so the organizers can anticipate the demand for this and any other sessions you’re attending.  If you have a question for the panel just leave it in the comments or grab us day of  :)