Video: How Can Minnesota Be Better?


Last Saturday, Mike Bollinger and I moderated a panel discussion at Minnebar focused on the concept of improving Minnesota’s startup community.  This session, titled “How Can Minnesota Be Better“, can be viewed in its entirety above with credit to our panelists who generously shared their insights and perspectives.  Special thanks to Brett Thoreson for the steady hand and Andrew Frenz for collecting audience questions.

Joel Dahlin, Geoff Dutton and Derrick Shields have collectively summarized the experience.  Leave a comment if you have an opinion to share…


  • Rob Weber

    Great job by each of the panelists and all those who asked questions from the audience! Thank you Jeff and Mike for inviting me to participate.

    One small correction in my intro… I want to make sure that Aaron Weber, the third co-founder of W3i, is given credit for co-founding W3i and sharing in the Ernst & Young Award. Aaron left W3i about three years ago to pursue a new venture after seven years of explosive growth. Aaron’s new venture will be coming out of stealth mode over the next few months.

  • AttorneyMN

    This is a great discussion, especially the critical and insightful comments from Dan Grigsby. I look forward to attending MinneBar 6 this weekend.

    Aaron Hall
    Tech Business Attorney