StartupShoppe launches ‘Minnesota Startup Showcase’ to promote local startups through interactive video

Startup Shoppe Minnesota Startup ShowcaseStartupShoppe Inc. announced today the official launch of  online video application ‘Minnesota Startup Showcase’  built specifically for entrepreneurs to refine, record and spread their message.

With technical aspects already built into the app, StartupShoppe simply collects the executive summary/slide-deck and records a 5-7 minute video of the CEO or founder essentially pitching the venture.  The final product features a single, wide screen video of the startup founder presenting on the left with corresponding slides rotated on the right, above a brief text description and a link to the .pdf executive summary.

The promotional tool aims to help entrepreneurs succinctly tell their story through a personalized medium and back it up with real time supporting documents – all while providing busy stakeholders a quick and interactive means to learn the fundamentals of the business.