Minnesota startup FlexShift Software eases the headaches of part time and temporary scheduling

by Son Huynh


FlexShift SoftwareAccording to recent BLS data, there are over twenty-seven million part time employees working in the United States, many of which are concentrated amongst the  hospitality, retail, and restaurant industries within the service sector. While the variable scheduling often associated with a part time job can be of benefit to the employee, it can be a burden for the employer managing multiple (up to 50 at times) different schedules on a monthly or even weekly basis.

FlexShift was conceived by Benjamin Adegoke, Ph.D, to address this precise pain point in the thick of part time and temporary labor arrangements.  Started in 2008, the product spent all of 2009 maneuvering development and release cycles prior to official release in early February of this year. FlexShift doubles as both an employee scheduling solution and as a vendor management system, which according to Adegoke, is a new concept of merging a scheduling application with temporary staffing tools.