How does five Co-founders across two countries plus $300k equal ‘One Platform’? LSS #22: Exosite



Exosite One Platform
Any device, any data, anywhere is the mantra of this Minneapolis-based startup specializing in remote data monitoring and management for embedded devices. Exosite’s ‘One Platform’ is built on a foundation of three technological pillars: embedded systems within the hardware and/or gateway, data collection/dissemination techniques and the Internet-enabled user interface (aka Exosite Portals).

“What we’ve found is that companies and individuals are no longer in a spot where they need to figure out how to acquire their data. At this point it’s getting the information from the acquisition site back to a place where the stakeholders can see it alongside any number of other sources.  That’s the challenge, in making it available to the people who can act on it”  explains Exosite CEO and Co founder Hans Rempel from his Taiwan office.  “Simply put, we help devices and people better communicate with one another.”

To this, Mr. Rempel offers concrete examples: